About Us

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New Living Concept by I Deco Enterprise was founded in 2009 with the primary goal of catering to and educating people who appreciate design,practicality and functionality.As time progresses, lifestyles are becoming even more unpredictable and it's not always easy to adapt to that change. With that, the firm has quickly grasped this understanding and aims to stand out by "selling a concept, not just a product".

Bridging The Gap

Equipped with a strong sense of style and a plan to inspire new ideas, New Living Concept stands at the forefront of the industry. While the firm caters to home-owners, the main focus would be working alongside interior designers and even developers. New Living Concept is privileged to have worked with some of the well known developments in Malaysia and Singapore - a project that will surely elevate the reliability of the firm even more.The objective of the firm to fill in the gray area between architects, designers and consumers is further strengthened with the added service of sourcing for furniture or lighting, where one can expect only the best of seasonal trends from around the world at the most attractive cost and timely delivery. 

Bringing Ideas to Life

New Living Concept is already one step ahead in the industry by being one of the few to take the business online. With readily-available information, it is now so much easier to redecorate with just a click of a button. The expertise of a designer, the passion of a home-owner,coupled with classic pieces that withstand the test of time - it's the ultimate formula to bring your ideas of life.